Schools, Sheriffs and Mounties Stand for Anti-Bullying on Pink Shirt Day

Posted On Tuesday February 23, 2021
Pink Shirt Day
Students, school board staff, Kamloops RCMP, and Sheriffs representatives stand together on the steps of South Kamloops Secondary School to show their support for stopping bullying in the community.

It’s easier to stand up to bullying when you know you’re not alone -- it’s pretty easy to see who’s standing with you on Pink Shirt Day.

On February 24, numerous Kamloops students, school staff, sheriffs, and police officers will add a splash of pink to their wardrobe to show the community where they stand against stopping bullying.

“Pink Shirt Day is a reminder of what the District strives for every day, which is having programs and services that encourage healthy self-esteem and relationships, a positive sense of belonging, as well as teaching kindness, compassion and empathy,” said Vessy Mochikas, Director of Instruction, Kamloops-Thompson School District.

“The District appreciates this partnership we have with the RCMP and Sheriff Service and the leadership they're providing to create safe, responsive environments that help address bullying,” she added.

Throughout the school year, local law enforcement partners work with students to help encourage them to make safe and positive choices when faced with peer conflict.

“Bullying is an unwelcomed or aggressive behaviour that often makes a person uncomfortable, hurt or scared,” said Corporal Dana Napier of the Kamloops RCMP Crime Prevention Unit. “It can occur face-to-face, online, at school or anywhere else in the community, and its long-term effects can be devastating to victims, as well as bystanders and witnesses.”

Pink Shirt Day serves as a good reminder to parents, adults, caregivers, and school and community leaders to talk about bullying, its impacts, and what part we all can play to prevent it from continuing.

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